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RPS Search Group of NJ, LLC

  • We are executive search professionals who specialize in placing security and asset protection professionals both domestically and internationally in retail, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing.

  • We have over 35 years of proven success!  If you are a client looking to fill a critical or confidential need or a candidate looking to advance your career, we can help you.

What's NEW?

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills


Many employers have decided that soft skills are more important than hard skills.

What is the difference between hard skills and soft skills?  

Hard skills refer to the job-related knowledge and abilities that employees need to perform their job duties effectively.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are the personal qualities that help employees really thrive in the workplace.

Hard skills help you identify candidates who are good on paper, whereas soft skills indicate which of these candidates are good in person.  This means that you need a good mix of hard and soft skills in every employee so they can be successful in their role.


Soft skills are more often seen as personality traits you may have spent your whole life developing.   
They are called upon when you manage your time, communicate with other people or confront a difficult situation for the first time.

                                                       Hard Skills                                                                           Soft Skills

                                                    Physical Security                                                                   Communication                                                                         

                                                    Budget Control                                                                      Employee Relations

                                                    Investigations                                                                        Customer Focused

                                                    Equipment Technology                                                        Build Relationships

                                                    Policy Development                                                              Influence


Our Process

    Develop a clear understanding of your company culture, values, business goals, market and staffing needs.

    Contact, screen, and qualify candidates to match your established profile.

    We act as a mediator between your company and the candidate to ensure a "win/win" situation.

    Maintain contact to ensure a smooth transition.

    Matching the needs of management professionals.p

    Our goal is to develop quality, lasting relationships by continually providing the best possible service and to be viewed as a business partner rather than a vendor fulfilling your human resource requirements on a local or global basis.

    Area of Expertise

    Director of Security or Loss Prevention                                  Healthcare Security

    Regional Loss Prevention Manager                                         Industrial Security

    District Asset Protection Manager                                           Fraud Investigator

    E-Comm/ORC Investigator                                                         Analyst                                                                    

    Work with professionals in security and loss prevention industries.

    Why Use a Recruiter?

    • We find the passive candidates.
    • We know where to find the hidden talent that matches client needs.
    • We source geographically based on client needs.
    • Confidentiality is an important part of our ethics.
    • We qualify candidates using both hard and soft skill questions.  No need to go through unqualified resumes.  
    • We conduct reference checks.
    • We negotiate and facilitate the full cycle process.

    In its purest form, the role of the recruiter is to enhance the lives of candidates and improve client profitability.  The hard work of the process is determining the needs of the client and matching it against the wants of the candidate.  The luck (the result of the hard work) occurs when there is a match and both sides are happy.  A successful hire has to be win-win for both sides.


    • Do you understand your personal strengths, weaknesses, and limits? 
    • Do you understand the power of influence?
    • Are you a problem solver and team builder?
    • Are you looking to advance your career?
    • Contact us to talk with a company looking for someone with your experience and qualifications!

    We network with the best companies and candidates!

    Resume and Interview Tips

     Interview Tips

    Face-to-Face, Telephone, Video

    Research the company you are interviewing with


    Have resume, notes & dates available

      Know your accomplishments

      Eliminate background noises

      Be enthusiastic 

      Speak directly into the mouthpiece and/or look at the camera - not the monitor

      Be a listener

      Ask assumptive questions

      Do not eat, chew gum, or smoke

      Donot multi-task


      Ask us for a free resume evaluation!

      Complementary Resume Evaluation

      Send your resume to lance@rpssearchgroup.com and then schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

      Recruiter putting clients and candidates together.

      In today's marketplace, you need the most effective recruiter to help with your career goals or employment needs.  A niche recruiter is in the marketplace every day and nobody knows the market better!

      RPS Search Group of NJ, LLC specializes in placing asset protection, loss prevention, management, and security professionals in the retail, industrial and healthcare sectors both domestically and internationally.

      Our leadership is grounded in respect and integrity to help us build strong, lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

      We take the time to source the key players who match our clients' needs.  We know what makes a successful match and save you time and money by presenting only high caliber prospects.

      Companies choose RPS Search Group of NJ, LLC because of the professional and ethical services we offer.

      Let us help you with your executive search needs!


      Lance Incitti, LPC, CCIP

      Lance has been recruiting for over 30 years in security, loss prevention, retail management and hospital security/loss prevention.  Prior to recruiting, Lance had a prestigious career in the retail loss prevention field, including Vice President of Loss Prevention for a major retail chain.  He also owned his own retail store.

      Lance brings his years of knowledge and experience in the loss prevention and security fields to his placement specialty areas of retail loss prevention, security operations, safety, risk management, retail management, and audit and inventory control.

      He is a Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP), Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) and is a member of ASIS and IAHSS.

      A graduate of Seton Hall University, Lance gives back to his community through Kiwanis International.

      Ruth Incitti

      We are proud to be helping people improve their careers while working with our clients to fulfill their staffing needs!

      Ruth manages the business administration area of RPS Search Group of NJ, LLC.

      After a administrative position with an insurance company, Ruth owned her own secretarial firm.  She also worked in the family owned retail store.


      We are happy to provide additional information about our services!

      We will be back to you promptly!